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This from a fab food writer in her own right (write?) –thanks Holly!


I love a good cookbook: one chock-full of great, tried-tested-and-true recipes, and mouth-watering photos that make you want to get into the kitchen, immediately, to try and recreate what you see before you.

Well, a new one with a local focus just hit bookshelves near you, thanks to the efforts of author and all-around food guru, Liz Feltham, photographer Scott Munn, and Nimbus Publishing.

"Halifax Tastes"

“Halifax Tastes” was released in late May, and will make a great addition to any home cook’s kitchen. Feltham asked chefs at restaurants from around Halifax to share one recipe with her and, in turn, her readers. I’m guessing it wasn’t an easy feat to get some of the chefs to reveal their secrets (some flat-out refused) — especially for recipes like crab dumplings from the Press Gang. But the collection of recipes Feltham was able to amass is impressive: the book features everything from elegant…

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