Hfx Tastes-Favourites


(photo is an iphoto shot of the picture in the book; original photo by Scott Munn)

One of the questions I’ve been asked a lot about Hfx Tastes is what my favourite recipe is. Having kitchen tested each of them at home, some of them many times over, they’re all special. Some I prefer the taste of, some are easier, some look better than others, and some I love for other reasons.
In the case of Scanway’s Kugelhopf, it’s more about what the cake represents than the recipe itself. Don’t get me wrong–this coffee cake is fantastic, delicious, and lives up to the fine pastry shop’s reputation.
But it’s more than the sum of the ingredients. This Kugelhopf conjures images of friends gathering, of mid-morning coffees and afternoon teas, of secrets shared and dreams disclosed, of harboured hopes and love untold. It’s magical.

Another recipe that for me, represents more than just the finished product is the Split Pea and Ham soup from Emma’s Eatery. Kim Stacey shared her homey, comforting soup recipe that serves as a warm internal hug. Not quite as stodgy as the version I grew up with, it’ll make you look forward to the first cool day of fall. Made for chasing winter chill, this soup.


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