Chicken Pot Pie

chicken pot pie
chicken pot pie

Heading into the final stretch of National Poetry Writing Month. I’ve been reading other bloggers who’ve taken on the challenge of writing a poem a day, and the quality of work is amazing–I’m humbled to be in their company. And chicken pot pie is one of the most humble dishes I know, so here you are:

Chicken pot pie, you caught my eye
With your flaky crust inciting pastry lust
That coyly hints of delights within

Carrots and peas, the tiny ones please
A hint of dried savoury and rich chicken gravy
Not too thick nor too thin but somewhere within

Bites of chicken tender that soon render
Even the worst of days into forgotten haze
And restores the feeling of safe well being

Crust golden brown, put the book down
Turn off tv and phone, I want to be alone
With my chicken pot pie, just my fork and I.


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