Mud. Cake.

Jack & Fleur on the trail
Jack & Fleur on the trail

Food is never far from my mind, and like Rome, sooner or later all roads lead to it. This became very evident this evening as I was walking my two Newfoundland dogs. The trails where we walk are still quite mucky in spots, and as I’m picking my way down one particularly perilous portion, my foot catches in an underwater root and whoooomp! Down I go. Speared through my right shin with a broken branch, right kneecap meeting rock with a sickening thud. Pain shoots through my leg and back and I’m bawling like a baby, unable to stand up because it hurts like the bejesus and I’m not convinced something isn’t dislocated. My dogs rush back to my side. They’re Newfoundland dogs, water rescue is their thing–but maybe boggy is close enough? Fleur, my girl, noses her head in under mine. Checking to see if I’m okay? Nope. She thinks Mommy wants to play, and using her massive bucket head, flips me over onto my back. Muck, moss, misery. I pull myself up to sitting and my boy, Jack, the wiser and older of the two, comes over and lays his head on my shoulder. Finally a bit of sympathy. Or he’s just checking for treats. In any case, the pain has settled to a throbbing, the birds are chirping their early evening song, and I’m beginning to enjoy sitting here, in this thick black boggy mucky muck with my puppies. It’s a beautiful, rich dark colour, actually. Looks like chocolate cake batter. Mmm….chocolate cake….
My favourite chocolate cake recipe is a decadent flourless Belgian cake, but a little too complicated to rhyme. So here’s a simple, one bowl recipe that even someone with a bum knee and bruised shin can manage.

Take your bowl and grab a spoon
You’re gonna have some chocolate soon
2 cups sugar, 1 and 3/4 cups of flour
Next we need to add some leavening power
1.5 teaspoons each baking soda and powder then
3/4 cup cocoa powder, stir it all again.
Add a teaspoon salt, now make it’s blended well
Because next we add the wet stuff and we want it all to gel
2 eggs, a cup of milk, half a cup of oil
2 teaspoons of vanilla and a cup of water brought to boil
Pour into greased cake pans, 9 inch round will do
Then set aside the mixing bowl–there’s some spoon licking for you
The batter will seem thin, not to worry it will bake
350 oven, thirty minutes, now you have your cake!


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