Thai One On

Pad Thai, a signature noodle dish of Thailand, showcases the beautiful harmony and balance of flavour found in much Asian cooking. Prepare this simple vegetable version as is, or add shrimp, chicken or pork. Stir in cooked rice noodles, and enjoy!
If you like Pad Thai but don’t like cooking at all, check out Fid Resto’s Back Door Pad Thai, available daily at the back door of the restaurant, for take out. But with Fid set to close in May, that’s a limited time offer so get it while you can!

Poetic Pad Thai

Fish sauce, chili sauce, lime juice
Each a quarter cup
Together with a spoon of chili paste
In a bowl, now whisk that up

Set that aside, heat up some oil
In the deep sided wok
Add Garlic cloves 6 and shallots 4
Now we’re ready to rock

A couple of peppers, red or green
Cook slightly, not too much toil
Remove the veggies, add sauce to wok
Bring it to the boil

Thicken sauce
Reduce the heat
And in one egg
that’s been lightly beat

Reduce the heat and cook a bit
Until sauce is a little thick
Then add the veggies, plus those below
It will cook up pretty quick

some tofu (cubed, a quarter cup)
bean sprouts, a cup or 2
1 /2 cup of fresh cilantro
6 green onions sliced, will do

Pour atop a bowl of noodles
Garnish, chopped peanuts and lime
Though humble in it’s early roots
Pad Thai is truly sublime


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