The Magical Animal

Happened to catch a rerun of the Simpsons recently, it was the one where Homer has just listed off a bunch of meat cuts. Lisa has pointed out they are all from the pig, and Homer responds with scornful derision “Sure, like the pig is some magical animal!”
Well, actually Homer….

The Magical Pig

The pork is set upon the plate
The pig has long since met his fate
The hot dog’s tucked into the bun
Bacon greets the morning sun
Trotters boiled for porc pate
En croute, the French old fashioned way
Ham baked whole, brushed with glaze
Chops are cooked a hundred ways
Sausage fried with sauerkraut
Casings pierced to let fat out
Fatback, crackling, pickled feet
There’s more to pig than just the meat
If you feel the need to diss the swine
Remember these few words of mine
Don’t mock the pig, poke fun at all
When’s the last time you gave your all?


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