Cookies! (No, not the website kind. The olden days kind)

Thank you for all the comments regarding Moose, Meet. This one’s a little lighter. Inspired by catching a glimpse of Sesame Street and one it’s famous denizens, Cookies! Is brought to you by the letter C and the number 8.

There are six types of cookies, don’t you know?
Sorted by how you handle the dough
Refrigerator ones, roll the dough into a log
Chill it for a bit, then cut some slices off
Bar types mean putting raw dough in the pan
You bake ’em and you cut ’em in squares if you can
Put a spoon into the dough, then drop it on the sheet
And there you have the drop type, lined up nice and neat
Roll the dough with fingers, shape them round with lots of ease
They’re you’re molded cookies, now lick your fingers please
Rolled cookies need a rolling pin, a wheel or cutter too
Dough’s chilled and rolled and cut in rounds though any shape will do
The last kinda re fancy ones more work than all the rest
Using pastry press or pastry tube gets you the type called pressed
But refrigerator, molded, pressed, bar, dropped or rolled
Whichever kind you pick, making cookies won’t get old.


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