NaPoWriMo 2013-Night Lunch

April is National Poetry Writing Month. I’ve stuck my toe in the poetry pool from time to time (hit the Whacky Doo tag if you want to see some brilliant examples. “Ode to a Peanut Buster Parfait” is a classic. Schoolchildren will study it one day).
And so, in honour of NaPoWriMo’s 5th anniversary, I’m taking on the challenge and am going to write a poem every single day in April. Poems about food only (yeah, that’s right, anyone can write about nature and trees and snowy evenings, that’s right Robert Frost, I’m lookin’ at you), but it takes real talent to create a month’s worth of food poems. Let’s kick it off (and probably end it, who am I kidding) with the following ditty, an homage to the Newfoundland traditional of having a snack before bedtime.

Night Lunch

What’s in there to eat b’ys, before we goes to bed?
Let’s have a little night lunch before we lays our head
There’s homemade bread for toasting, and a bit of berry jam
Root around the fridge shelf for a bit of last night’s ham

Put on the kettle, pass the cups, bring ‘er to the b’ile
The tin milk’s on the table, won’t be but a while
A bit of mustard pickle, a tomato slice or two
Tea biscuits and some butter, sure that’s enough for you?

My that tea was lovely, let’s have a second cup
Then we’ll head on up to bed now that we’re all full up
And as we drifts off into sleep, our bellies full and right
We’re wond’ring if there’s sticky buns left to have tomorrow night.


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