A Real Fun-gi


So I’m at the local grocery store when I happen upon these mushrooms–or rather, lack thereof in this particular container. The first thing that popped in my mind was the old joke about some toadstools being dull but this mushroom was a real fungi. Get it? Fun-guy? Ha, it still cracks me up. And as I’m snickering away to myself, I text the picture to my husband who’s on his way to meet me. I tell him to be careful, some mushrooms have broken free. They could be armed and dangerous but chances were they were only fun-gis. Which of course made me laugh harder; seems these mushrooms were indeed magic but not in the usual sense.
Anyway, as other shoppers gave me a wide berth, I noticed the sign. “Buy one get one free”. Well THAT explains everything, doesn’t it? Clearly, someone had misread the sign as “Buy one, SET one free”.
By now I was laughing uproariously and had to move on lest I pee my pants with unbridled mirth, leading to the inevitable “Clean up in Aisle 4” call.
Never did see the escapees, but I did take two containers of these fun-gis (snicker, snicker) home with me and put them to proper use.

Balsamic Mushrooms

Olive Oil
Balsamic vinegar

Take one of those packs of button mushrooms, like the ones in the picture. Not the empty one though. That won’t get you anywhere.
Brush the dirt off all the mushrooms and slice.
In a large non-stick fry pan, heat about a teaspoon of olive oil until hot. Add the mushrooms to the oil and do the hokey pokey, shaking them all about. Don’t add the mushrooms to the pan before the oil is hot, or they’ll be all spongy and you don’t want that.
Once the mushrooms have started to get a lovely golden brown around the edges, turn the heat to low.
Add about a half cup of balsamic vinegar to the pan, and let cook slowly. The mushrooms will absorb the vinegar and be delightfully tart (that was my nickname in high school. Okay, not really).
Once all of the vinegar has been absorbed, and the mushrooms cooked a little more (maybe 3-4 minutes), you can do bunch of stuff with them.
Serve over spinach as a warm mushroom salad
Toss with boiled baby new potatoes
Pick them off the pan one-by-one with a fork and eat them all yourself, because they are that good and you deserve a treat for coming home first to find the cat threw up on the bed, and you cleaned it up yourself not that this has ever happened to me.


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