Fid Farewell


Received this sad news release today:

“After 13 years in business, the owners of one of Halifax’s best known and respected dining establishments, FID Resto, announced today that the restaurant will close by the end of May. The lease was up for renewal and this provided a natural timeline for the owners to review their priorities and future plans.”

The release goes on to explain that it will be business as usual til closing time.

In a restaurant scene littered with mediocrity and over-saturated with buzzwords, bandwagon trends and bad burgers, fid never lost sight of what really matters–great food, great service. I had the pleasure of interacting with Dennis and Monica over the years writing for the Coast and the upcoming Halifax Taste cookbook; never ate there as often as I would have liked but will never forget one superlative tasting menu. I’d wanted to take my visiting sister-in-law and niece somewhere special, and so put us in the capable hands of Monica and Dennis for an unforgettable meal.

Through the years, they have remained focused on the restaurant. No television appearances, no cookbooks, no high profile competitions, no celebriChef mantle for Dennis. And in doing so, fid has retained a consistency that other restaurants should be so lucky as to enjoy.

There have been just a handful of restaurants in the past 20 years or so that have left an indelible imprint on the city’s culinary landscape, just a few that were so much more than quickly forgotten footnotes in our food history. Come late May, fid will join that elite group as a forerunner of the local movement and an homage to service and consistency.

In the meantime, you have til the end of May to visit them; what are you waiting for?


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