A picture is worth 1000 forks…

Before the first aroma, the first bite, comes the first look. We leaf through cookbooks looking for recipes based on pictures. A glimpse of a dessert at another diner’s table can cause previously full stomachs to change their minds. Images of food can turn us into Pavlov’s dog, setting our salivary glands awash and kickstarting the digestive system.
As a cookbook writer, I understand the power of the picture. If the pictures of the food look good, a potential buyer is far more likely to take the book home. So that’s why I was so excited to hear that once again, Nimbus has contracted Scott Munn to do the pictures for my upcoming project.
Scott and I have collaborated, loosely, for over a decade. He took the picture for my first restaurant review for the Coast, he did the shots for Fabulous Fishcakes and South Shore Tastes. I trusted him to capture my recipes for Chowders and Soups, and now this next book (more on that later!)
Tremendously talented and absolutely adorable, I can’t wait to watch this book come alive!
In the meantime, browse a little of his work here


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