Beef tenderloin, rare. Peppercorn crusted. Drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Fries sprinkled with truffle oil and parmesan. Vegetables bursting with flavour, al dente. Flawless.

Housemade peanut butter gelato sundae. Distinct, bright peanut butter flavour. Hot fudge. Chocolate, rich, smooth, neither grainy nor overly sweet. Peanut butter brittle. Crunchy-crumbly. Flawless.

Service: “we have a nice shiraz that would go well with the beef” and that showed up on the bill as 21.00 for a stated 5.5 oz pour. Nice indeed. Nice to know in advance it was in the steeper range–21.00 for a GLASS of wine in Halifax is not a “nice shiraz”.

Bill presented before dessert was finished. A pet peeve of mine, and a lost opportunity for a specialty coffee sale. Both dinners on one bill without asking if it was together or separate. Another peeve.

Music–too loud, a complaint I’ve heard before about this restaurant; we ended up yelling at each other.

Nitpick: plate rims are pale blue. Possibly the most unappetizing colour ever seen on dishware. Purely personal preference though.

Final verdict? Flawless food, flawed service. Expensive. Which I probably would not have minded without the service missteps.