Chowders and Soups

Excuse me!  Excuse me!  Pay attention to ME!  Ahem. My Chowders & Soups book is here. IT’S HERE! IN MY HAND! This is the fourth cookbook I’ve done, but the first one that hasn’t been a collection of other chef’s recipes.

Any working cook worth their salt has a repertoire of soups that can be pulled out of the hat to make use of leftovers or trimmings that become the soup of the day. My editor at Nimbus, Patrick (yes, he’s my personal editor. I keep him in a little box next to my computer and he’s allowed out to edit my work.) (Okay, that last part is not true.) So, Patrick & the Nimbus team wanted a book that was signature East Coast–hence the seafood and chowder-centric nature of this particular collection. And, my uber talented photog Scott Munn (he’s also mine, he took the picture for the first article I wrote for the Coast) agreed to shoot the recipes for the book.
Really, I’m beside myself with excitement about it (look, there’s me! there’s me again!)

And then thump! Reality hit in the form of an email listing the dates I would be in bookstores (Hawaii Five-O is on–I can’t believe the Chairman could be the evil Wo Fat, but I digress, because I’ve just finished chiseling away at a block of tempered chocolate that I made bark with over Christmas, clearly not enough bark because there’s too much chocolate left). Bookstores, yes, I must be in bookstores, first for the launch, then to sign stuff and hobnob. I’m not much of a hobnobber, but this book doesn’t have the benefit of the name recognition of the restaurant collection books, and so nob to the hob I must.

And so if you’re up for some hobnobbing, I’ll be at Chapters in Dartmouth on Saturday, May 26, from 1pm-3pm. It’s okay, I’ll be reminding you again. I’ll be bringing soup, because nothing works better than sampling the goods (well, it works for Costco, right?)


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