Mustard by Mail

Kozlik's Mustards

My mailbox: such a utilitarian little cube, set in bank of similar squares, nothing special to look at. Yet I feel a frisson of excitement, a tiny rush of anticipation, every time I turn the small key. Because I never know just what could be behind door #6.
Could be the usual bills, flyers, offers, and pre approved credit card applications; a good day brings a greeting card (now there’s a dying breed), a frequent shopper reward coupon from a store I frequent or, most deliciously, a royalty cheque. Every now and then, a package notice is there, something I ordered; usually a book.
Today the box brings a delightful package from Kozlik’s Mustard. The jars, all nestled in their shipping packaging, are so much more than prepared mustards. They will serve as leaping off points for meals, suggestions for preparations, bases for savoury sauces.

Amazing Maple is great with ham, Green Peppercorn for steak au poivre, and Balsamic Fig and Date for pork and chicken.

Pork Tenderloin with Kozlik’s Balsamic Fig & Date, Pine Nut Crust

Toast pine nuts and crush until consistency of bread crumbs, add chopped fresh oregano or basil, or both if you’re feeling herbaceous.
Slather tenderloin with mustard,  roll in pine nut/herb mixture.
Roast for about 10 minutes at 400F, then knock the heat back to 325F for 20 more minutes.

While pork is cooking, heat a splash of oil oil in a frying pan, add some sliced red onion and cook til the onion starts to soften. A teaspoon or so of garlic (more if you have a fear of vampires), a handful of those little tomatoes that have other fruit names in them (cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes) and let cook down til saucy. Nice and rustic.  Or add some sliced eggplant and zucchini and call it ratatouille, if you’re feeling fancy.
A few boiled baby potatoes tossed in a bit of butter (butter makes it better), salt and pepper, and voila, supper.

If you’re a locavore, and not happy with the big city Toronto mustard, drink local.  Wash it all down with a big Nova Scotian red or, my favourite, a Stutz hard apple cider.


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