And the cycle of restaurant life continues with old friends: a permanent closure, and a reopening. The South End Diner, haven to cabbies and students and a great all day breakfast, closed after a fire late last year, and any faint hope of it reopening was quashed when the building came down today. If only the formica countertop could talk, the tales we might have heard.
Over on South Park, the Bistro had its grand reopening Saturday, after a soft opening late last year. The Bistro was quite the place back in the day, a lovely little restaurant with consistently good fare and that gorgeous atrium. After it closed, a line of uninspired and progressively more generic eateries opened until ever last spark of charm and culinary life was extinguished.  Now, former manager Liz Ingram-Chambers has taken over and reopened Le Bistro by Liz and restored the derelict space, brought back the sentiment spécial.

But how about the food? More on that later…