It’s all about the company, part II

One of my favourite haunts for consistency and value is the True North Diner in Bedford, and the turkey pot pie with handcut fries was my go-to comfort dish. Imagine my disappointment when, upon a recent visit, I noted the turkey pot pie was no longer offered, along with a few other things; in fact, I thought the menu was looking remarkably bland, indistinguishable from 1,000 other middle of the road eateries.
And then I found out the the owners of True North Diner, Jim & Carol Macauley, had just sold the restaurant to the Grafton Connor group.
I don’t know that it was the ownership change from hands-on proprietors to a large company that’s responsible for the menu change. I hope not. Grafton Connor holds some interesting eateries in their portfolio; good (Five Fishermen), bad (the Esquire) and indifferent (Pizza Pizza). I won’t give up on TND just yet, I won’t focus on the menu change, I’ll wait to decide on the quality.
In the meantime, THANK YOU to the Macauley’s for a fabulous diner. My stomach sends love and best wishes to you both!


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