One of my favourite haunts for consistency and value is the True North Diner in Bedford, and the turkey pot pie with handcut fries was my go-to comfort dish. Imagine my disappointment when, upon a recent visit, I noted the turkey pot pie was no longer offered, along with a few other things; in fact, I thought the menu was looking remarkably bland, indistinguishable from 1,000 other middle of the road eateries.
And then I found out the the owners of True North Diner, Jim & Carol Macauley, had just sold the restaurant to the Grafton Connor group.
I don’t know that it was the ownership change from hands-on proprietors to a large company that’s responsible for the menu change. I hope not. Grafton Connor holds some interesting eateries in their portfolio; good (Five Fishermen), bad (the Esquire) and indifferent (Pizza Pizza). I won’t give up on TND just yet, I won’t focus on the menu change, I’ll wait to decide on the quality.
In the meantime, THANK YOU to the Macauley’s for a fabulous diner. My stomach sends love and best wishes to you both!