Driving past Gingergrass on Barrington this morning, I noticed it was looking kind of empty and there was a ladder in one window. Anyone know if it’s closed/closing/renovating/my very nearsightedness playing tricks on me?

Heading to the Pogue Fado or the Frigate this weekend?  Not so fast. AllNovaScotia is reporting that the bar will be closing Thursday, reopening Monday, a three day penalty inflicted by the AGD for liquor violations. Last time I was there, my shoes stuck to the thick layer of spilled beer and broken dreams on the floor and I escaped only after leaving behind my glass slipper.

Charlie Trotter is closing his namesake restaurant in Chicago; check out the article in the New York Times. A trailblazer and trendsetter, his cookbooks were among the first “food porn” cookbooks that I owned.