double down

Arguably the most controversial piece of fast food ever, the double down is back in canada after selling over a million sandwiches last year. This version is “healthier”, having reduced the amount of sodium, fat and overall calories–but is the double down really the demon spawn of fast food? It’s been vilified in the press, seemingly more than other offerings–but how does the double down compare?

double down
calories 490
fat 28
sodium 1570

lean cuisine jumbo rigatoni:
calories 420
fat 9
sodium 860

mc d’s angus burger w/cheese:
calories 780
fat 44g
sodium 1990

subway 6″ tuna
calories 530
fat 30
sodium 830

(mc d’s, subway and lean cuisine nutritional info obtained through product site)
So the double down is not exactly health food, but not exactly killer chicken–in moderation.  This is not an endorsement of the dirty bird, but when it comes to
fast food, your choice should be made (if you’re concerned about such things) with the help of the nutrition info and not just the press.



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