critic on the critics thursdays

Where to get ice cream is the foodie feature in the Coast. I already have a spot so I turn to HeraldSpurr, who trumpets the goodness of the Lower Deck. I haven’t been back to the Lower Deck since I almost died from being trapped on the stickiness of the bathroom floors, after spending a raucous evening shouting about some Privateers and being the last of.
Spurr mentions the homemade blueberry grunt and writes “which further proved my theory that you can throw around terms like cobbler, crisp, brown Betty and grunt without fear of correction”. Be afraid Bill!  I’m going to put the fear of the cobbler into ya!
There is indeed a difference in all of these things:
brown betty–fruit pudding topped with bread crumbs
cobbler–fruit pudding topped with biscuit dough
grunt–stewed fruit topped with biscuit dough
crisp–baked fruit topped with oatmeal/brown sugar mixture
It’s really all in the topping. Here in Atlantic Canada, we tend to use cobbler/grunt interchangeably; except for the technicality of how the fruit is prepared, they are practically the same thing.  Brown betties are American creations, rarely seen in these parts in it’s true form.
Crisp is, well, crispy on top. The brown sugar/butter/oatmeal mixture that tops the fruit is almost like a struesel topping–crisp (well, d’uh).
My sister used to make the best apple crisp ever, until she tried to make it for her (then new) boyfriend and it was not so best. He’s a straight shooter and made no effort to hide his feelings about it. They’re still together but alas, the apple crisp magic is gone.
If anyone has a fabulous apple crisp recipe they’d like to share, I’d love to hear it!


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