top chef canada week week 10

An alarm goes off and cheftestants wake up. Lots of morning interviews. Connie feels terrible for being on the bottom last week. You know, is there really absolutely nothing new to be said in these interviews?
Guest judge is Lynn Crawford and the in flight team from Porter Airlines!  Airplane food!  How can you not do well in a QF that involves making better airline food?  They have to make morning and afternoon meals. Crawford tells them to be creative!  Do something different! (Apparently, there is nothing new for guest judges to say either)
Something’s burning!  Rob actually likes airline food!  I worry about his palate.
Lots of good stuff being cooked involving smoked this and tuna that. Of course Dale has flown more than anyone–11 times to New York in a year!  Well then.
Judging and there are some really good looking meals here-I doubt we’ll ever see them on any airline (except Lufthansa where the food is good but it might have been just how tired I was and how long the flight was but hey)
Chef Lynn, as Thea calls her, does not like Dustin. He had smoked trout for bfast, too strong. She did not like Andrea’s either–her lunch salmon was too dry.
She really liked Rob’s, he had a chocolate pudding. And she loved Dale’s breakfast, which looks like apple pie. But SURPRISE!  She LOVED Connie’s granola and CONNIE WINS!  Good for her, she looks genuinely shocked. Her prize?  A trip to Chicago for her and a guest to have a culinary adventure. I’m going to Chicago in September, I am hoping for a culinary adventure too. I didn’t win the trip though (it would have been nice).
The EC involves drawing knives. Three meals that involve a day in the life of Canadian food, and they are drawing the knives for a region.
Connie–La Belle Province (she’s lost)
Rob–Ontario (he’s from there)
Dale-Interior BC (he’s from there)
Andrea–Prairies (she’s lost and can only think of ‘flat’)
Francois–Maritimes (he’s been working in BC so happy to work with seafood)
Dustin-Wild Rose Country Alberta (he’s cool and happy he didn’t get the Yukon)

Really?  These are the regions of Canada? What about Newfoundland? (It’s an Atlantic province, not a maritime one) What about the territories?  Oh, Connie–she did not know where La Belle Province was, Francois assures her it’s Quebec.
This should be good.
As we go to commercial, Andrea is calling down Connie for buying a pie shell for tortiere–Andrea says she wouldn’t do it because she “would feel like a douchebag”. That’s an appetizing word Andrea, Connie has the prepared food but your dish will be associated with the word Douchebag. Good thing I’m not a judge and listening to that. I don’t think I can root for you anymore–you sisters should stick together!  Boo Andrea!
They can do breakfast, lunch, dinner or lunch, dinner, dessert. They only have 3 hours, which Andrea thinks is not possible. She hasn’t been to the Prairies and is going to put Toronto into it. Hmmm…methinks the word “douchebag” may have been misdirected. She’s traveled to parts of Egypt that no-one’s heard of, but hasn’t been to the prairies.
Oh, now she’s making fun of Dale, who has to “drop food bombs on everyone” (ha!) She’s back in the good books as it’s Dale turn to reclaim the douchebag hat as he runs down everyone else.
Lots of beeps as the temperature rises and swearing goes wild.
Judging begins! Jonathan Gushue of Langdon Hall is a guest judge–he’s from St. John’s, let’s hear it for the home boy!

Dustin pulls out breakfast bison and quail eggs (good) beef stew (not so good) cornish hen (gets the dreaded banquet hall moniker)

Francois bfast brandade with quail & lobster (nope) /seafood salad lunch (really nope) /chowder supper (confused, too many products, not really east coast)

Andrea bison soup/rib eye/berry crumble (greasy, bitter, not reading prairies, she’s pretty much trashed)

Dale bfast egg (a hit!) /roast salmon (pure, delicious, smart, perfect) /venison loin and bannock (venison lacking flavour, all else fabulous)

Connie smoked trout salad (hit!) /traditional tourtiere (flavour good, but more like pot pie) /blueberry pie (delicious, but oh dear they love the pie crust and she’s gonna get busted)

Rob ham corn chowder (confused) /pickerel (gorgeous) /fresh fruit and sabayon (uh-oh, it’s classed as an afterthought)

Judges Table (it’s going to get ugly!)
My prediction: Dale for the win
Going home?  Andrea edges out Francois for that dubious honor, but if the great pie crust scandal erupts, it could be Connie.

Stew room. Nobody’s saying much.  Dale and Connie are called in first, so I guess they are safe. They are the top, and to Connie’s credit, she fesses up to the crust and nobody’s hard on her. Oh, I forgot they did not like Dale’s venison.
And the winner is Connie!  Oh, my. That’s going to cause much mean comment backstage.

Francois and Andrea are up, as expected, as the bottom 2.
And Andrea takes a dig at Connie at the table, and the judges are unimpressed.
She looks very angry.  Francois missed the east coast spirit.
They go back to stew. And Andrea is still slagging on the store bought crust, even though all of her food was bad. Andrea, you officially are out of my good books. Take that, mean girl!
And the task of packing their knives goes to  Andrea. Called it! She’s not too sour. Oh, there’s some fun going on, she tells Connie she’d better “win this”. Good on you, mean girl.
Next week:  Street food! Dale’s having a breakdown and Connie’s making sausage. Why Connie, why?


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