top chef canada week 9

Roger Mooking (silliest name ever for a chef) is the guest judge for the quickfire, which is to create a dish based on a specific number of ingredients. They draw knifes, numbers ranging from 4-16. Salt, pepper and oil are freebies. The winner gets an unlimited budget for shopping for the elimination challenge (I’d buy all of my groceries for the next year. There’s probably a rule about that though).
Rob has to use 16 ingredients!  That’s a lot. Darryl can only use 4!  That’s  not a lot. Connie’s making pasta from scratch to get herself noticed. She has ten. Dustin has 8. Nobody cares how many Dale has, but he just dropped his mussels on the floor. Ha, ha Dale!  Feel my scorn from here!

Time’s up and tasting starts. Not so good: Dale, his saffron was overpowering. Dale disagrees. (Of course he does)
Standout?  Andrea’s soup and Connie’s pasta!  Yeah ladies!  And the winner is  ME, because I finally got this mosquito that’s been lazily drifting around my elbow for the past hour, just waiting to feast. Okay, the real winner is Andrea!  Awesome. She hadn’t won a QF yet, so this is good for her.
On to the elimination challenge, which is the biggest product placement aside from the appliances–they must use president’s choice products, up to 5, to create a dish that they will present to home cooks at the supermarket tomorrow.
20 minutes and 50 bucks for shopping, but more money for Andrea. But 20 minutes, how much shopping?  Oh, Andrea is buying black cod, which is expensive, to use her money to it’s best advantage she says.
The middle part is all about chatting up the PC products, so I’m going to watch the Dexter rerun on another channel and come back for the judging. Chat amongst yourselves.
Dale–pulled pork bbq sandwich (begrudgingly, this looks like a great idea and the judges like it)
Andrea–Asian style black cod (nice undertones but no bam, but goes over well w/judges)
Connie–Foie gras sausages in puff pastry (I don’t think it’s a good idea but Connie loves her sausages! Judges, no go. One note.)
Francois–confit of chicken thigh in phyllo (Delicious!  They love it!)
Apparently, Connie and Francois didn’t consider the home cook.  I think both these are complicated>

Darryl– manicotti (looks like buffet food!  But accessible. Judges think his story is better than his product. amateurish)
Dustin–Gnudi (pasta)    love it!

Rob–maple syrup pudding with caramelized bananas, redemption dessert for flopping in RW!  People love it. (Judges–looks adorable! Tastes fantastic!)

I’m calling it. Connie really sunk here.

Francois, Dale and Rob are top!  And deservedly so, even Dale. Because that sandwich looked awesomely awesome.
And the winner is Dale. Hope he’s not a douche about it.   And he wins 5K in gift cards from Loblaws!

Darryl and Connie are, predictably, bottom.  Connie is crying. Stop that Connie!  Stop crying! That’s for girls and sissy boys. Although the judges are really ragging on her.
She blows her nose and pulls it together. She’s embarrassed and interviews that she just wanted to be a strong female role model. And you know what Connie?  You ARE.
Oh, the way the judges are now talking, sounds like Darryl might be out. But I’m sticking with Connie.
Pack your knives, Darryl!  That’s a surprise. But he’s a classy, classy guy–probably the best exit ever on a reality show. Bye Darryl!  We’ll miss you! And your adorably spiky hair!



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