top chef canada week 8

Andrea is feeling the brunt of being Cookie McBitchy on the line last challenge. Quickfire Challenge?  Team!  Not looking good for Andrea. Francois and Rob are captains. They pick their teams. Andrea is last picked but she’s a force to be reckoned with!  I think she is, totally. The challenge is one of those silly things where they cook one dish per team, over 40 minutes with each cook doing 10 minutes at a time, and not tell their other teammates what they’re making. I didn’t explain that well. I’m tired and my fingers hurt from working on my upcoming book, SOUPS AND CHOWDERS, due next spring.  Hey, if everyone else can pimp their stuff during TCC, so can I.

No more immunity, but there’s a “significant advantage” to the winning team.
MM loves both dishes!  Commercial. Mosquitos. Not on tv, on my monitor. I hate that about this time of year.  It’s a veritable cornucopia of cooking hijinks! Rob’s team did a roesti, so that’s the automatic winner for me. Ummmm, roesti. Rob’s team won!  With Andrea as the lead off hitter! Maybe she’ll get her teamwork cred back.

Restaurant Wars!  The teams for the quickfire are the same teams as for RW.  Todd and Andrea are on the same team (Rob’s) which makes it easy for me to pick a team to root for.
MM has donated Bymark, one team will have the patio and one gets the dining room. Rob’s team gets to pick which they prefer. And the judge for RW is David Adjey, another obnoxious food network personality and “world famous chef” according to our girl Thea.
Red Team is positive, upbeat and cohesive. Blue Team is unhappy, torn, and on edge–Dale is on Blue Team, go figure.
Planning!  Prepping! Chopping! Dicing!  Commercial!
Red Team on the Patio, picked the name To New (Toronto and Newfoundland, for Dustin/Rob/Andrea and Todd)
Blue Team in the main dining room, picked the name By Bleu, because Dale thinks it’s clever. I thought Francois was team leader?  Doesn’t seem like it. And Connie has to go back because she forgot her potatoes, which are a key component in her appetizer. Dale is mad he’s on in on the servers pre meal. Darryl watching the FOH for Blue.
Andrea is FOH for Red. Andrea and Dale are all dressed up!  Handsome! Pretty!
MM has arrived. He wants to make sure Bymark hasn’t burned down or anything. Dale has screwed up Daryl’s dish. Triple D! in a bad way. Now Dale’s yelling–maybe he was made team leader and I missed it?
So they way this is edited, looks like they’re setting up an upset–so far Blue Team is struggling. On Top Chef, last RW same thing happened and the struggling team won. Hope TCC will not be that predictable.
Red Team dishes-canadian contemporary w/a twist
Evil lady customer plant–sends back lamb three times. Are they in the weeds?  Maybe. Judges are served mains. Seem to be split on apps and mains, hard to get a read.  Not on dessert though, dessert was complete failure. Two choices according to Adjey-really really bad and really bad.
Blue Team dishes-fine dining
Not set up, already in the weeds. Judges split on appetizers. Mains, split. Desserts, Dale pooping his pants over something. His souffle is falling. He’s screaming. Oh my, no need of that Dale. You won’t make any friends that way. Desserts–big league!  Ending on high note!
Judges Table!
Prediction–Todd. Both his app and his dessert were unsuccessful. 😦 Boo-urns. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t remember any of the others striking out completely.
So unless Red Team wins, we’ll be saying Bye, b’y!

Blue Team is called out first–so yes, they win. Predictable. But they dare to criticize Dale’s dish. He looks sour. Now he’s happy because they are praising the souffle.
Winning Dish? Dale and his souffle. Damnit.
Red Team lost. As predicted, Todd is getting beat up. But he’s manly about it!  No sour looks from him, just disappointment in himself.
Judges deliberate to a foregone conclusion. But it’s still hard to hear. Such a class act!  Love you Todd!  REPRESENT!
And everyone loves him and is sad to see him go. They won’t be like that for you Dale!
Next week: President’s Choice infomercial. See you then!


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