the end of the world

I have to stop looking at billboards. There’s one on the north end of Barrington, looming, ominous, telling us that the end of the world is May 21. Doesn’t seem fair–all I’ve heard the past year is how the world is going to end at the (debated) end of the Mayan calendar, in 2012.  This is a year early.  May 21 is a Saturday, the end of the world means a lot of peoples’ long weekends are going to be screwed up.
Worse yet, I have plans for the 21st. Two old, dear friends will be joining us for dinner, and the end of the world would kind of put a damper on that. Now, according to one UK minister, the End will be after 6pm so I guess I’ll make my menu around a meal with time constraints. But will anyone have an appetite, knowing how close we are to The End?  And what if the soothsayers are wrong, and The End is 2012?  I’d better have a great dinner planned, just in case we are to be spared this time.
If you knew it was the end of the world, what would you eat as your last meal?


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