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HeraldSpurr did a piece on Windsor’s Cocoa Pesto Bistro that reads more like a feature than a review, but the bistro and Chef Scott Geddes are deserving of any and all attention. Well worth a scoot down the highway!  CoastBuote popped into Persepolis, the combo resto/Persian food mart in an ill fated Bedford Highway location (several restaurants have lived and died here). I, too, love the smells of the market as you walk in–it instantly sets the mood of exotic and exciting, and the food lives up to the nose. And, it shares space with Tu Do making for one delicious destination.
Peek at Cocoa Pesto’s menu


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  1. I am curious. Even when Bill Spurr isn’t a personal friend of the chef whose establishment he’s reviewing, he is very often recognized when he’s out. I mean, of course he is, he makes no effort toward anonymity at all.

    So can his reviews be very helpful to the average diner, who’s a stranger to the proprietor? I’m thinking in particular of his great love for Ray Bear, but the Cocoa Pesto situation fits, too.

    I have a number of problems with Bill’s critiques (let me count the ways! too french fry-focused; his self-avowed hatred of many vegetables; too much emphasis on steak, Southern Barbeque, Caesar salads and cheesecake; the near-obsession with Nova Scotia bottlings; the fact that he’s made no effort to educate his palate in the many years he’s been writing the column), but the fact that he knows his experience is fundamentally different than what the average customer would experience seems to me the most insidious.


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