critic on critics–this week in food reviews

HeraldSpurr is absent this week; CoastBuote loved the food, hated the menu at Season’s, Atlantica’s restaurant. Atlantica, the former Holiday Inn, also owns the Oak Island Inn and have secured the services of Chef Luis Clavel to help rebrand the restaurants.
When I retired from the Coast, I found that while I didn’t miss the restaurant reviewing, I did miss the food writing, so I returned to my blog to indulge. And the one thing I miss is not having an editor, an invaluable resource to any writer. Left to my own devices, I can babble on without regard for structure, getting to the point (or even having one), and on and on…much like I’m doing now.
So to get back to Luis Clavel.
Luis (who I know personally) is technically proficient and has the fire to make great food happen–but needs a food “editor”. Some of his dishes are overly complex, and that takes away from the pure taste of the ingredients.
Luis is a fairly young chef, with a lot of passion for food and the business in general.
He just needs to restrain himself at times, to know that sometimes less really is more, and to not be self-indulgent in his cooking. I have no doubt that as he matures as a Chef, and finds his cooking voice, he’ll develop his own method of self-editing.
I suppose at some point I’ll find mine too.


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