Thursday, I check out what the restaurant critics are up to. Coast Buote went to E-pin, the Korean place, while Herald Spurr checked out the Bicycle Thief, the Bertossi’s latest place in their former Bish location.
E-pin features cook your own type meals, which encourages communal, chatty, relaxing mealtimes–something our fast food culture definitely needs.
The Bicycle Thief’s wine list enraged Spurr with it’s lack of Nova Scotia offerings:
“…and more seriously, a wine list that has 144 selections and not one Nova Scotia wine. There are a few words for this: ignorant, offensive and insulting come to mind.”
he writes.
Strong words, but in this case, I agree with him 100%. Some of the comments posted after the review show a general lack of knowledge about the state of NS’s ever-burgeoning wine industry. To refer to local wine as “rotgut”? Maybe a generation ago, when the choices seemed to be limited to Jost Red and Jost White, but not anymore. But that’s for the wine bloggers to expound on.
Out of 144 bottles on a list, don’t tell me there isn’t one local wine fit to be on that list.

If you wish to find out more about local squished grapes, check out Wines of Nova Scotia. It provides an excellent overview on wineries, plus the impressive lists of international accolades and awards. That way, before you go on about “rotgut” or “swill”, at least you’ll be educated about it.


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