So, it was one of those early spring days that makes you feel like cleaning out the car, which I did. And tucked in my back seat (such as it is), I found a first aid kit (practical!), fuzzy dice (not so much), and a small fondue pot (to quote Stewie Griffin–what the deuce?)
A small fondue kit, to be exact, unopened, with the receipt attached. For some reason, in December I obviously decided a fondue kit was essential. So essential that I left it in the back of the car for almost 4 months.
Apparently, fondues are having a renaissance of sorts and we all should be huddled around the communal pot dipping our bits of food into cheese or chocolate.

Chocolate it is!  Over a double boiler, melt the best chocolate you can get your hands on. Stir in a little heavy cream, and a splash of vanilla. Once everything is smooth, dip your favourite cookies, fresh fruit, angel food cake, biscotti–everything’s better with chocolate.

You really wanna go all out, throw in liqueur, or some chopped nuts, or even a scoop of peanut butter.
Now I remember why I bought the thing.


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