Republic of Salt Cod and Scrunchions

I’ve been watching the new CBC show Republic of Doyle, set in my hometown of St. John’s Newfoundland.  Now, I’m not one who likes things just because they’re “from home”, and I typically do not enjoy the first seasons of any new television series, but I had to watch out of curiousity–the city looked fabulous in the previews.  I was surprised to find it smart, funny, and thoroughly enjoyable, and it’s quickly become my favourite part of Wednesday night.
Of course, seeing St. John’s puts me in mind of my culinary heritage, which can be summed up in two words: fat and salt. Traditional Newfoundland cooking relies heavily on both for preserving and flavour, which means it’s not the healthiest cuisine in the world (I think possibly the Germans have us beat for heavy meals).
But there is one thing I truly miss from home, and that is the local delicacy of chips, dressing and gravy.
Some places here in Halifax do a passable version, two come to mind: Fries and Co. and Classic Fish and Chips.  But there is nothing, nothing, nothing like the taste of homecut fries, sitting under a canopy of bread crumb/savoury/onion stuffing, laden with beef gravy.  Vinegar must be liberally doused over the lot of it (some argue over malt or white vinegar) and preferably kept nearby to add as you make your way down the pile to the plate; and salt on hand to do the same.
Excuse me, my mouth is watering.


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