Virtual Grill Party!

From Anita Stewart, Canadian culinarian extraordinaire:

Hello and good morning!
 I’m connecting to encourage you to get on board with a national project I’ve been doing since 2003.  

The event can be traced to the BSE crisis which devastated so many farm families and, indeed, entire communities.  They’ve bounced back to a great extent but agriculture in Canada is still a very tenuous business – weird pricings on the commodity exchanges, the reluctance of banks to provide credit, extreme weather patterns.   It seemed to me at that time that the best way to really make a difference was to have a big party.  But geography got in the way.  So I dreamed up a virtual event and challenged Canadians, anywhere on earth, to come to their grills and barbecue Canadian ingredients….then share their stories on the website   It’s worked!   The date this year is Saturday August 2nd at 6 p.m. give or take an hour or so.  The invitation is attached and if you’re anywhere near a grill on that day, please log on and join the party…if for no other reason than to illustrate the extraordinary foods of your region. Best wishes for a great summer and thanks so much for reading this note!   


Anita Stewart


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