Day 2 of NoNaBloPoMo.
I’m having friends for dinner tonight (as guests, not Hannibal Lecter style).  As a professional chef, it’s sometimes hard to have people over, as the expectations are pretty high.  Not so much from them, and these particular friends couldn’t care less if I offered up KD, but from myself.  I hate to serve the same thing twice, and I second-guess my menu choice all the time (will they like it?  will they be disappointed? and so on).
Tonight, there’s a small child involved, and she’s the easy one–salmon and broccoli (her current favourite at home).  I have some scallops, shrimp and crab, and have been leafing through cookbooks, looking for something to inspire me and delight and amaze my guests.   Something classic, like a seafood terrine?  Something exotic?  Something molecular?  (Ugh, foam).  KD and shrimp, yeah.