Tim Horton’s Tea

I confess, I’m addicted to Tim’s Tea.  When they went from bagged to steeped, I was ecstatic–finally, I could join in the drive-thru crowd (I don’t like coffee), without having to worry over what to do with the teabag.  It quickly became a regular part of my day, but unfortunately, not always an uneventful one.  See, for some reason, my order is frequently wrong.  “May I please have a large tea, with two cream?” somehow translates into “Tea with milk”or “Double Double”.  Over a two week span, I tracked the error rate.  21 large tea, 8 wrong.  That means that just over one-third of the time, I didn’t get what I asked for.   What’s up with that?  I speak slowly into the intercom, tip, and do all the other things I should be doing.  My coffee drinking friends don’t seem to have that problem, so I wonder if it is that so many people order coffee, and relatively few order tea?  Are the TimTron’s brains hardwired only to the coffee urns?


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