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Road Trip! (In which 2 Newfs Hijack the Blog)

Seeing as how we are making our way across the country with our 2 Newfoundland dogs, there’s not a lot of exciting eating going on. Can’t exactly head out to a trendy restaurant, or take a side trip for some undiscovered diner, when you have two huge furry traveling companions, and they can’t pass as assistance dogs, unless they are helping with sleep therapy. So, to help keep them entertained, I’m going to let Jack & Fleur tell their own stories. When we get settled in Victoria, we’ll return to regularly scheduled food blogging. 


(l) Pattes Douces Jack Bauer (r) Tow Line Fleur de Lis

Jack: Day 3 on the road, and we’re in Sudbury, Ontario, home of the Big Nickel.
Fleur: Whaddya mean, big NICKEL? I thought you said big PICKLE? I thought we were getting kosher deli for dinner! Can you eat NICKEL? What’m I s’posed to do with a NICKEL? What’re we having for SUPPER?????
Jack: (gives Fleur side-eye) Remember when that Queen song came on today and Mom told Dad it was your song?

Fleur: I’m rubber and you’re glue, it bounces off me and sticks to you!
Jack: (sighs)
Fleur: We went swimming! There were little fish in the water! I couldn’t catch them! There were small dogs! I couldn’t catch them either! But I didn’t try!
Jack: (sighs)

Fleur: We’re going to see that nickel in the morning. I don’t need to see it, now that I know it’s not a pickle. When will we get to BC? Will they have pickles there? Will we be there tomorrow? Where were we yesterday? I forgot already. Did we have supper yesterday?

Jack: (big sigh) In Ottawa, remember? The capital of the country? Mom and Dad wanted to eat at that restaurant that chef who used to work with Mommy owns. But we all ate in the hotel.

Fleur: No they didn’t! They said that was AWFUL!

Jack: Not awful, they said it served offal.

If you’re not traveling with dogs: Murray Street Grill

And if you are, there’s nothing like the gentle exhale of snoring puppies after a long day on the road.



Three of my favourite folks from my day job took me out for lunch on Friday to celebrate my last day. We headed over to Piatto, and it was fantastic–as usual; they worked very hard to get their VPN certification for authentic Neapolitan pizza and the quality shows.

Also on Friday, I was surprised and delighted to be featured in the Daily Plug section of Tim Bousquet’s The Halifax Examiner (which is my go-to Halifax news source, and will be my link to Halifax when I’m away).
Tim was one of a string of editors I wrote under while at the Coast, and I disagree with his self assessment that he was the “worst food editor in the world”, heartily. Always a little in awe of Tim and his investigative journalist skills, his praise was humbling indeed, and made me bawl just a bit–it was a lovely going-away gift. It’s become a bit buried after all weekend, so I’ve cut and pasted it below.

Here it is: “I met Liz Feltham when I was charged with editing her restaurant review column in The Coast. Of course, I don’t know especially much about food and find most food writing incredibly, well, vapid. In other words, I’m the worst food column editor in the world. But thankfully, Liz always sent in perfect copy that was actually interesting; all I had to do was slap a headline on that puppy and I was done with it. I’ve followed her blog, Food4Thought, but she seemed to have slipped off the radar screen lately, with long waits between new posts. Well, now it becomes clear why: she’s been going through all the preparations of packing her life together and moving to Victoria. That’s a big loss for Halifax, but she’ll no doubt settle in and start posting again on a regular basis. I wish her well.”  Sniffle, sniffle

Friday night (it was a big day), I headed home to Newfoundland to visit family before hitting that other island on that other coast, and of course indulged in chips, dressing and gravy. IMG_5324

So while I haven’t been posting regularly in the run-up to our departure date for Victoria, I hope to rectify that by writing about our road trip as we head out next Sunday. Stay tuned!

Victoria, Briefly

Holy Cow where does the time go? We’ve sold our house and are wrapping up the final arrangements for our move west, but before the wagon train pulls out permanently, we headed out for a brief visit to check out the new digs.
I’d never been to Victoria, and the first thing that struck me was the size of the harbour. Halifax has one of the world’s largest natural harbours (anywhere from #3-#10 depending on the source), and this is something that’s easy to forget when you’ve lived near it for so long.
Next time your traveling over one of the bridges, take a good look down to the mouth, then back to the basin. Huge.
So I get to Victoria, and it’s the size of I don’t know, a bathtub maybe? But it is very pretty, and the city seems manageable, a nice size for a newcomer.
I’ve heard the food scene is pretty good, but with only 4 days we barely had time to scratch the surface. Being coastal, many of the menus are similar to Halifax in their seafood focus. Swap out lobster for crab, and you could be on either coast.
First up, we check into our hotel, the spotlessly clean and friendly-staffed Best Western Inner Harbour. This one has the cutest little kitchens in a hotel kitchen ever. But what’s this? A cooking policy?
So here we are in a coast city with access to amazing seafood and a fully equipped kitchen but alas, we wouldn’t be preparing any (On the other hand, no cabbage didn’t seem like that much of a hardship). Okay I hadn’t planned on cooking anyway, it just seems like a strange blanket restriction given the circumstances.
Other than this little oddity, this hotel was perfect as a home base for our brief visit, and I would recommend it highly. Each room has it’s own balcony, and ask for a room on the garden side.

Around The Table


So I’ve been away from blogging longer than I planned. First, my NaPoWriMo run came to an abrupt end one day short of month end when the flu I thought I had turned out to be pneumonia, confirmed by a late night trip to the ER and a chest X-ray.
I have to give a shout out to the crackerjack ER team at the Cobequid Center, a crew of caring professionals who made me feel better just by being empathetic. With one glaring exception–the registration clerk, whose milk of human kindness had long since curdled and who should not ever be allowed to deal with the public, much less a sick public. “Bitch” is a word I dislike, and don’t trot out often, but this was a capital B.
With antibiotics in hand and system, my lungs cleared up, the coughing burning hacking phlegminess gone, and the weakness beaten into submission, I was almost good as new in time to help my long suffering better half get our house ready for market.
Although we are both excited about the move west, it’s hard to leave behind our first house. Asked by a friend what I’d miss the most, I answered without hesitation.
This dining room. So many meals with family and friends, so many memories. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating–we don’t spend enough time around a table, sharing food.
This table has seen everything from neighbourhood brunches to family birthdays, fancy grown-up dinner parties to casual Sunday suppers. The walls, to me, are filled with the laughter, the conversation, the camaraderie of untold meals.
For the next few weeks, we’ll be busy getting ready for our midsummer move. You can bet the first thing we’ll do upon getting settled in Victoria is to gather people round this table again, making new memories.

Ode to Jaegermeister

liz feltham:

Chugging some cough syrup and was duly reminded of a drink I hold dear to my heart: Jagermeister. The taste of which is oft compared to cough syrup so it was an easy leap. And because this flu is clouding my head and hanging on, I give you a repeat featuring what else?

Originally posted on Food 4Thought:

The bottle in our freezer, waiting patiently to be called into service

The bottle in our freezer, waiting patiently to be called into service

Jaegy, Jaegy, chilling cold
In the freezer, liquid gold
Shot back, old school, mix eschewed
Dilution is both rude and crude

Herbal panacea flowing
Coats the throat, begins the glowing
Pungent smell clears out the nose
Tingle reaches head to toes

This liqueur is not for bingeing
Enjoyment on restraint is hinging
Soon returned to frozen den
Til it’s called to task again

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Sick Selfie

Photo on 2014-04-28 at 9.54 PM

As so often happens this time of year, especially with family visits, the flu has set in. Now, in Newfoundland, a declaration of having a cold is immediately queried with “Where’d you get that?” I’m not sure why that’s important, I mean, clearly, you got it from someone else, but that’s not quite enough. A lengthy conversation will ensue, listing who you’ve been in touch with and which of them are the potential carrier. (Not to be confused with the cold one gets from sitting on a cold surface like a sidewalk or bench, that’s the dreaded “cold up through ya”).

Here is my poem of the day, rhyming couplets with pair increasing by a syllable. Perhaps there’s a name on it, but I’m not feeling up to looking it up.


Some soup!

Toast in bed.
(Legs like lead)

Hot tea to kill
Tremors and chill

Water to hydrate
Depths of my substrate

At least it’s not man-cold
That’s misery, untold