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Road Trip: Airdrie AB to Revelstoke BC


Jack: We had a rest day yesterday, Mom took off to see some place with dinosaurs, and it was so hot we just hung out in the hotel room with Dad.
Fleur: I didn’t like just hanging out! I wanted to be on the road! Get up Mom! Wake up sleepy Jack! It’s BREAKFAST TIME!
Jack: We don’t eat breakfast.
Fleur: We could though.
Jack: (eye roll) We got on the road. Soon we saw these mountains in the distance.
Fleur: We were headed to a giant chocolate shop!
Jack: No we weren’t.
Fleur: Yes! Mommy said it was the Rocky Mountains, and that’s a candy factory!
Jack: Not that Rocky Mountain, THE Rocky Mountains.
Fleur: Can you eat them?
Jack: (side eye)
Jack: We drove through Banff National Park and saw these bridges, called wildlife crossings.
Fleur: Mommy said elk and deer and moose and stuff walk over them! But we didn’t see any! Or any mountain goats! Or bighorn sheep! Or grizzly bears! Or chocolate!
Jack: Banff park turns into Yoho national park on the British Columbia side.
Fleur: We were hot! We stopped at a lake and had a swim and it was so much fun! ‘Member Jack? ‘Member how much fun that was? We swam a lot! Water was cold and felt so good! But there was no fish! Remember when we were leaving and that lady pulled into the lot and asked Mommy and Daddy if we could have a treat and she gave us a treat? Remember that?
Jack: Yes.
Jack: We stopped in Revelstoke for the night. Dad says we are taking our time and not driving as far on our last couple of days.
Fleur: And then we had more treats waiting at the hotel! And a sausage room! Imagine a whole room full of sausages!
Jack: That doesn’t say “sausage”. It says “massage”.
Fleur: Oh.

Road Trip: Moose Jaw SK to Airdrie AB

Jack: One last picture in Saskatchewan, in a wheat field.
Fleur: I tried to eat some but I didn’t like it. I like Cheerios and they have wheat starch so I thought it would be the same but it’s not. Maybe it’s better with milk.
Jack: Maybe you should not try and eat everything.

Fleur: It was hot, it was so hot today that we didn’t get out much and when we did stop we just drank a lot an’ peed an’ got back in really quick.
Jack: Alberta.
Fleur: There are lots of cows and horses here, and cowboys. I want a cowboy hat! And boots! I wanna be a cowgirl! Because they get to be around cows! And cows make beef! I like beef!
Jack: (side-eye)


Jack: We saw this in Medicine Hat but didn’t get out. It’s the World’s Largest Teepee.
Fleur: I don’t like medicine. I like tea though. And I like to pee.
Jack: (side-eye)

Jack: Tomorrow is what Mom and Dad say is a “rest day”. We’re going to hang out with Dad here at the hotel while Mom goes to a museum someplace called Drumheller to see dinosaurs. Don’t know why, she was afraid of the ones that she thought were in our back yard at home. But we’ll be happy to have a break from the road.
Fleur: And we have a break from blogging too! Because we’re not doing anything but eating! We’ll see you the next day!

Road Trip: Brandon MB to Moose Jaw SK

Fleur: We couldn’t get out much today because it rained and rained and then stopped a bit then rained some more first day it rained so much! And we are water dogs but don’t like rain! It makes my hair frizzy!
Jack: Too wet.
Fleur: We dozed a lot because we had a spa day yesterday when Mommy cleaned our ears and brushed me a bit and we had a great hotel because there was lots of room to spread out!
Jack: Peace and quiet.
Jack: It stopped raining a bit. We got out at a rest stop. Mom took our picture.
Fleur: There wasn’t anything to eat so we left.

Jack: This train came by.

Fleur: Then we made it to Moose Jaw where some snowbirds live! I like birds! I like chicken!
Jack: You can’t eat the Snowbirds.

Fleur: What about the moose? Can we eat the moose?
Jack: There’s no moose.
Fleur: Not even a jaw?
Jack: Moose Jaw doesn’t mean buffet for Fleur.
Fleur: What does it mean?
Jack: Read it here. Then go to sleep Fleur, we have a busy day tomorrow!

Road Trip: Dryden ONT to Brandon MB

IMG_5528 Fleur: What’s Trip Advisor?
Jack: That’s the website Mom’s heading to after this hotel stay to warn other people.
Fleur: I didn’t like it! I went to sleep finally but had to get up at 3 to pee and Daddy said it wasn’t really safe but he took me out and there was a train going by and scary stuff going on! And no night lunch!
Jack: We were happy to leave.

Jack: Until we saw this guy.
Fleur: I don’t know what it was but I barked and barked and barked and barked. I barked a lot and growled too. I didn’t like it one bit.

Jack: We saw these too.They were on top of almost every rock cut we passed.
Fleur: I didn’t bark at these. Can you eat them?
Jack: They’re called inukshuks.

Fleur: We stopped for a short break at the border rest stop and everyone said I was beautiful and a pretty girl which I am I am such a pretty girl but nobody gave me any treats for being so pretty so we left.
Jack: Yeah. That’s the reason.


Fleur: All of the yellow stuff is canola but you can’t eat it but you can cook with it once it’s oil and that’s good I like stuff cooked in oil.
Jack: Manitoba is flat.

Fleur: And this hotel is really really nice and they have vending machines for snacks! I like snacks! I had a pig ear for my snack tonight! And we played a bit!
Jack: Yes.

There really is no softer lullaby than the gentle snoring of a contented Newfoundland dog.


Road Trip: Terrace Bay to Dryden, Ontario

Jack: We had our pictures taken in front of this lighthouse. I don’t think it’s real. But it made the folks happy so we posed.
TerraceBayLighthouseTerrace Bay Lighthouse, read more here

Jack:Then we stopped in Thunder Bay to see this guy, and the look off. Mom says he’s a hero and a Canadian icon.
Fleur: We’re icons! We’re Newfoundland icons! We’re everywhere!
Read about Terry Fox, and how his work continues here

Fleur: I almost got kidnapped today! We were at a rest stop, and the black flies were so big that two of them lifted me up and my dad threw a pop can at one and he dropped me and I was saved! It was SO SCARY!
Jack: That didn’t happen.
Fleur: It coulda! Remember how many flies and mosquitoes there were everywhere today? It was TERRIBLE!
Jack: Yes.

Jack: We made it to Dryden. It was hot.

Fleur: Good thing! Because there wasn’t room for two of us in the tub! I woulda had to get in there too! And there wasn’t room for water! Remember we had meatloaf? Mommy gave us a taste of hers? Because that’s the only thing good about this motel, she says? And it’s a good thing we’ve taken over or she’d be ranting about that? That was good meatloaf, wasn’t it? Jack? Wasn’t that good meatloaf?
Jack: Zzzzzzz

Road Trip: Sudbury to Terrace Bay

IMG_5452 Fleur: Terrance Bay! We’re almost back home! We’re almost back home!
Jack: Terrace Bay, Fleur, Terrace Bay–we’re not turning around now
Fleur: Oh.
Jack: We left that Big Nickel this morning. Then we stopped to take a picture of a Big Goose at Wawa.
Fleur: Goose is good–can we eat the goose? We couldn’t eat the Nickel.
Jack: (side-eye)
Find out more about the goose here
Fleur: ‘Member we saw the bear? Mommy and Daddy were all excited when it crossed the road? And it looked like me? But with no tail? Can you eat bear?
Jack: (side-eye)
Fleur: Hey Jack! We were at Lake Superior! ‘Member that part? We swam in that lake? Wasn’t that fun? Hey Jack! Wanna know why none of the other Great Lakes don’t like Lake Superior? Because it thinks it’s BETTER than they are! Get it? Huh?
Jack: (sigh)
Jack: Say good-night, Fleur
Fleur: zzzzzzzz

Road Trip! (In which 2 Newfs Hijack the Blog)

Seeing as how we are making our way across the country with our 2 Newfoundland dogs, there’s not a lot of exciting eating going on. Can’t exactly head out to a trendy restaurant, or take a side trip for some undiscovered diner, when you have two huge furry traveling companions, and they can’t pass as assistance dogs, unless they are helping with sleep therapy. So, to help keep them entertained, I’m going to let Jack & Fleur tell their own stories. When we get settled in Victoria, we’ll return to regularly scheduled food blogging. 


(l) Pattes Douces Jack Bauer (r) Tow Line Fleur de Lis

Jack: Day 3 on the road, and we’re in Sudbury, Ontario, home of the Big Nickel.
Fleur: Whaddya mean, big NICKEL? I thought you said big PICKLE? I thought we were getting kosher deli for dinner! Can you eat NICKEL? What’m I s’posed to do with a NICKEL? What’re we having for SUPPER?????
Jack: (gives Fleur side-eye) Remember when that Queen song came on today and Mom told Dad it was your song?

Fleur: I’m rubber and you’re glue, it bounces off me and sticks to you!
Jack: (sighs)
Fleur: We went swimming! There were little fish in the water! I couldn’t catch them! There were small dogs! I couldn’t catch them either! But I didn’t try!
Jack: (sighs)

Fleur: We’re going to see that nickel in the morning. I don’t need to see it, now that I know it’s not a pickle. When will we get to BC? Will they have pickles there? Will we be there tomorrow? Where were we yesterday? I forgot already. Did we have supper yesterday?

Jack: (big sigh) In Ottawa, remember? The capital of the country? Mom and Dad wanted to eat at that restaurant that chef who used to work with Mommy owns. But we all ate in the hotel.

Fleur: No they didn’t! They said that was AWFUL!

Jack: Not awful, they said it served offal.

If you’re not traveling with dogs: Murray Street Grill

And if you are, there’s nothing like the gentle exhale of snoring puppies after a long day on the road.